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Mobile Media Workshop @ University at Buffalo, New York
2013-03-7, Thursday @ 4:31
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I’m very much looking forward to my Workshop “Mobile Media – HTML5 for Mobile Devices” at the State University of New York – University at Buffalo, NY. From March 18 to March 22, I will conduct this Workshop at UB North Campus (Arts department).

Mobile Media Workshop
HTML5 for Mobile Devices – An introduction to Mobile WebApps
March 18 to 22, 2013, 3 − …

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Procoding now with iCloud, Resource Manager & HTML Export
2013-03-1, Friday @ 3:28
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Procoding Mobile for iOS just got a feature-packed update: Sync with iCloud, add resources and export as self-contained HTML5 project folder. Here are some of the details.

Procoding Mobile is a mobile code-sketching IDE for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It gives you a simple start without having to fiddle around with multiple files. Just create a new sketch and you’re ready to code. For more information go to …

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2012-04-1, Sunday @ 5:30
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Rate iTunes songs from the menu bar!
UPDATE: RateMe v 1.3 and newer is now available on the AppStore!
Visit to download the current version!

Okay, I admit, I love tidy playlists, I love stars and I try to keep my iTunes track ratings quite accurate, so that I can always enjoy my intelligent playlists. There has been a tool called iTunesRatings by Matthew Handley, which disappeared some years ago. Because …

Procoding – HTML5 Canvas IDE for iOS
2012-02-14, Tuesday @ 9:28
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Procoding – A HTML5 Canvas/Javascript and Processing.js IDE for iOS5 is available now! Procoding runs on the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. For more informations and download link and go to

New: Visit the Procoding Forum! or the Procoding Facebook Page!

Update: PR0C0D1N6 is now Procoding. Just Procoding.

Create stunning visuals with Procoding for iOS. Code your favorite processing sketches on your iPad or iPhone.

Featuring a …

Announcing PR0C0D1N6: Processing.js IDE for iOS
2012-01-6, Friday @ 6:46
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Finally: I’m very proud to announce a Processing.js IDE for iOS. After about two years of development, hesitation and despair, coding and fun, PR0C0D1N6 for iOS will be available soon! I’m currently beginning the beta-testing phase. PR0C0D1N6 will be a universal app, running both on the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

– iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (preferably at least iPad 1, …

Quartz Composer: Processor Suite Plugins
2010-03-8, Monday @ 3:50
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ACProcessorSuite is a suite of custom plugins for Apple’s Quartz Composer, a realtime visual programming environment that comes free with Mac OS X (Developer Tools). Now updated for Mac OS X 10.6. Snow Leopard! The main two plugins are – ACPlotter, an Oscillator-like line renderer, that plots a series of values over time – and ACSignalEnhancer that provides various smoothing and scaling algorithms to improve (for example) incoming …

2009-06-5, Friday @ 7:18
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ACTimer is a small and probably quite useless Desktop Application for Mac OS X 10.5. or higher. It resides in the Menu Bar and has three different modes: the time (eg: DD hh:mm), a timer (eg: mm:ss) or a countdown (eg: mm:ss), which has an alarm (select your favorite system sound).

Additionally, it can display the time on a floating window on the desktop (“Always On Top” or “Desktop Icon Level”). The …

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midimouse (Mac OS X)
2007-11-13, Tuesday @ 6:46
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[update]: Just released a beta version of midimouse 0.7 that will run on Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) and Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Unfortunately some User Interface Elements and the Wii stuff weren’t compatible, so I had to remove it. As I’m quite busy, this version hasn’t been tested very well. (see Download)

midimouse is a small, easy-to-use and very simple program. It sends MIDI-controller-messages (CC) by moving the mouse over …

ACSensorizer 0.4
2007-07-23, Monday @ 1:54
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After over two years development, I am very proud to present a freely available DIY-SensorBox that provides more features than any other available device for incredible low costs! The new version of the ACSensorizer can produce harmonized and quantized MIDI-Notes or Controller Messages from connected sensors like infrared distance sensors, pressure pads, ribbon-controllers, breath-pressure-sensors, pots, whatever you can think of…
It provides an auto-calibration helper, patch storage, 20 built-in musical …

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Voicetopological Interface kII
2007-03-17, Saturday @ 2:08
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[multilanguage entry] kII (Kempelen 2.0) is a voice-topological interface for gestural navigation in linguistic space. The hand serves as the speech organ during the articulation process.
The device is operated by means of the sensory determination of the opened state of both hands, their position in space, their relative height, and other parameters which are assigned to the jaw and tongue position in the mouth as well as to pitch and rhythm.

Phoneme …

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Kempelen 2.0
2006-12-5, Tuesday @ 9:59
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I just released an application interface “kII” to control the SpeakJet, an integrated robot-voice soundchip from Magnevation, by MIDI.
Some of the features include Jaw-/Tongue-Position Control, Note-pitched voicings, subtractive synthesis built up with the SpeakJet’s five oscillators as well as a small integrated harmonizer module. You can set up a base note and a scale and have therefore absolute control!

kII stands for “Kempelen Two”: Baron Wolfang von Kempelen …

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m5 sensorizer
2006-08-29, Tuesday @ 11:22
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m5 sensorizer is an MBHP/MIOS ( project to enable processing of sensorized data by Midi.
As I am working with applications and hardware like this since several years, this is the first project I am releasing as open source* together with detailed building instructions using the MidiBox Hardware Platfom (MBHP) of Thorsten Klose and the community.

You can find the source code and a fully detailed description along …

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Programming Microchips with a Mac
2006-04-20, Thursday @ 11:00
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I’ve released a binary SDCC installer and written a step-by-step tutorial how to use Xcode 2 as IDE for developing C-Applications.

Now Microchip Application Development is getting really easy on a M […]

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zs_metaimage.plugin for WordPress
2006-03-27, Monday @ 11:14
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Here is a plugin for the blog-software WordPress with which you can add an image to the excerpt view of your postings!
You can see the plugin in action, when you take a look at a category overview on […]

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2005-07-9, Saturday @ 3:28
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A small binary clock.


This is rather an experiment in programming excercises than a useful program… nevertheless, it’s a nice desktop window to watch – and hey: it’s showing the time!

The hours are shown left, the minutes in the middle and the seconds to the right. you can read the clock by adding the values of the swatches from top to bottom for each row. The …

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