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Michael Markert is a cyberneticist and flaneur, working as a media-artist specializing in programming and electronics. He is living in Nuremberg, Germany.

His research in intuitive musical interfaces and interest in spatial qualities started with a diploma in Multimedia / Design. Since then he has developed various interactive sensory devices for cybernetic installations. The focus of his work is exploring human behavior in space by using cybernetic interaction systems, typically utilizing immersive sonic and musical aspects, rather than emphasizing visual displays. His latest works incorporate ubiquitous mobile devices as they aren’t only widely available – most of all, they are our main interface into the realms of augmented and virtual spaces while we’re moving through the physical world.

Since 2005 he has been a member of the Urban Research Institute for Public Art and Urban Ethology (Intermedia), founded by Georg Winter. 2008 he graduated with a second diploma at the College of Fine Arts Nuremberg and is currently teaching as Visiting Professor at the Bauhaus University Weimar / Faculty Media.

Short CV (Tab)

Born in Nuremberg, Germany
1983: One-year residence in Zaïre (now Democratic Republic of Kongo) with school attendance of the Belgian Lycée Prince de Liège
1992 – 2005: Classical vocal studies under Ursula Cron
1993: Abitur (general qualification for university entrance) at the Gymnasium Stein
1995: Traineeship at the Grafikatelier Brux
1997: Study Communications-Design at the Georg-Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule Nuremberg
1998: Working as freelance communications-designer
2001: Autodidactic voice and spokesman-courses
2002: Tutorial assistance courses for techiques of preprint at the Georg-Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule, FB KD
2003: Diploma Communications-Design (FH) majoring in multimedia
2004: Launch of an experimental bandproject ‘zeichensprecher’ for sensory music
2005: Postgraduated study “Public Art / Urban Ethology” at the College of Fine Arts Nuremberg (Prof. Georg Winter)
2006: Working as freelance media-artist
2006: Teaching at the Gebhard-Müller School Biberach, BW, within the frame of an Intermedia Workshop
2006: Assistance of Prof. Georg Winter, College of Fine Arts Nuremberg
2007: Guest lecture at the University of Luxembourg
2008: Diploma postgrad. for Arts & Public Spaces, College of Fine Arts Nuremberg
2008: Academic Assistant and Lecturer at the chair Artistic Strategies / Arts and Public Space at the College of Fine Arts in Nuremberg
2008: “Künstlerischer Mitarbeiter” (artistic staff member & lecturer) at the chair of Design for Media Environments, Bauhaus-University Weimar
2009: Lecturer at the chair Graphic Design / Visual Communication at the College of Fine Arts in Nuremberg
2009: “Künstlerischer Mitarbeiter” (artistic staff member & lecturer) at the chair of Interface Design, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
2010: Coordinator & Main Organizer of “Mediacity – International Scientific Conference 2010”, Bauhaus-University Weimar (supported by DFG)
2013: Mobile Media Workshop, University at Buffalo (USA)
2014: Visiting Professor (academic exchange) for Fall 2014, Departments of Architecture and Digital Media Arts, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (USA)
2015: Vertretung der Professur Interface-Design, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar