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Procoding – HTML5 Canvas IDE for iOS
2012-02-14, Tuesday @ 9:28
Articles in English | Programming | Software

Procoding – A HTML5 Canvas/Javascript and Processing.js IDE for iOS5 is available now! Procoding runs on the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. For more informations and download link and go to

New: Visit the Procoding Forum! or the Procoding Facebook Page!

Update: PR0C0D1N6 is now Procoding. Just Procoding.

Create stunning visuals with Procoding for iOS. Code your favorite processing sketches on your iPad or iPhone.

Featuring a …

Announcing PR0C0D1N6: Processing.js IDE for iOS
2012-01-6, Friday @ 6:46
Articles in English | Programming | Software

Finally: I’m very proud to announce a Processing.js IDE for iOS. After about two years of development, hesitation and despair, coding and fun, PR0C0D1N6 for iOS will be available soon! I’m currently beginning the beta-testing phase. PR0C0D1N6 will be a universal app, running both on the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

– iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (preferably at least iPad 1, …

iPhone Dev Course @ Bauhaus-University
2010-05-13, Thursday @ 8:33
Programming | Teaching

This term I am teaching an iPhone Development course at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, where I am working as an artistic staff member. The course is loosely based on the Stanford iTunesU course, but is slightly rearranged and instead of developing a couple of larger projects, the demos are more reduced and focus on the given task.

Nearly all basic tasks are covered, beginning from an introduction in Objective-C …

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Kontaktstation shown at CIANT Gallery, Prague
2008-05-17, Saturday @ 7:22
Articles in English | Arts/Kunst

Kontaktstation will be shown at the CIANT Gallery (Centre of Art and New Technology) in Prague, Czech Republic from 04th of June to 06th of July 2008.

The exhibition will focus on man-machine interactions and alternate interfaces. Along Kontaktstation, there will be a documentation of works from Stelarc (“How many ears and arms do you have?”) and Pash* (“Psychokinetic Simulator – wear a wireless suit …

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ACSensorizer 0.4
2007-07-23, Monday @ 1:54
Articles in English | Electronics | Music | Programming | Software

After over two years development, I am very proud to present a freely available DIY-SensorBox that provides more features than any other available device for incredible low costs! The new version of the ACSensorizer can produce harmonized and quantized MIDI-Notes or Controller Messages from connected sensors like infrared distance sensors, pressure pads, ribbon-controllers, breath-pressure-sensors, pots, whatever you can think of…
It provides an auto-calibration helper, patch storage, 20 built-in musical …

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Cybersonica Soundwaves in London
2007-05-24, Thursday @ 1:23
Articles in English | Arts/Kunst | Music

Now in its sixth year, the London based festival of music, sound, art and technology is a leading international event for anyone interested in the theory and practice of how new technologies are shaping and changing the way musicians, DJs, VJs, digital artists, audiovisualisers and creative software developers make and present their work. The festival brings together a vibrant community of sonic and audiovisual innovation, nurtures new talent and showcases …

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Kontaktstation shown at Cybersonica Soundwaves
2007-05-19, Saturday @ 11:35
Articles in English | Arts/Kunst | Music | Works/Werke

‘Kontaktstation’ is an interactive media-installation that translates the intensity of body and skin contact, allowing for up to five people to create harmonized, rhythmic music through touch. The work is shown at Kinetica Museum in London from the 18th May to 29th June.

The main focus of the work is the invitation to make skin-to-skin contact, and discover that a variety of contact points produce different sounds. Skin contact beyond hand …

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Proximity Detection with QT301
2006-12-31, Sunday @ 2:08
Articles in English | Electronics

I experimented a bit with capacity based sensors and proximity detection. So I stumbled upon two very nice chips from Quantum Technologies: the QT113, a touch detection IC based on Kirchhoff’s Current […]

Kempelen 2.0
2006-12-5, Tuesday @ 9:59
Articles in English | Electronics | Music | Programming | Software

I just released an application interface “kII” to control the SpeakJet, an integrated robot-voice soundchip from Magnevation, by MIDI.
Some of the features include Jaw-/Tongue-Position Control, Note-pitched voicings, subtractive synthesis built up with the SpeakJet’s five oscillators as well as a small integrated harmonizer module. You can set up a base note and a scale and have therefore absolute control!

kII stands for “Kempelen Two”: Baron Wolfang von Kempelen …

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Kontaktstation 3.0 @ Fraunhofer Conference 2006
2006-10-18, Wednesday @ 6:04
Articles in English | Arts/Kunst | Electronics | Music | Works/Werke

This wednesday, October the 18th, the Kontaktstation 3.0 has been presented on the Fraunhofer Conference of the Year 2006 in the Maritim Congress Center in Bremen. The Kontaktstation has been redesigned completely to enable a performance of five dancers. A stunning choreography has been developed by the famous belgian choreographer Marc Bogaerts along a soundtrack created by the Berlin based composer Sebastian Morawietz in cooperation with …

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Kontaktstation 2.0
2006-05-30, Tuesday @ 1:42
Arts/Kunst | Electronics | Music | Programming | Works/Werke

Anlässlich der Blauen Nacht 2006 in Nürnberg (laut Flyer immerhin Deutschlands größter Kunst- und Kulturnacht), habe ich die Kontaktstation um die Versionsnummer 2.0 und zwei Terminals erweitert. Eine Nacht lang konnten Besucher des Fünfeckturmes Körperkontaktmusik produzieren und zu meiner Freude kamen die meisten meiner Aufforderung nach.

“Kontaktstation” ist eine Rauminstallation, die die Intensität von Körperkontakten und Berührungen zweier oder mehrerer Personen in harmonisierte Musik umsetzt. Entweder wird von …

Blaue Nacht in Nürnberg am 27.5.2006
2006-05-26, Friday @ 2:53

Zur Blauen Nacht 2006 in Nürnberg präsentiere ich die Kontaktstation 2.0. Wie letztes Jahr wieder im 5. Stock des Fünfeckturms (neben der Jugendherberge). Wer eine Karte für die Blaue Nacht und einen Partner besitzt, der zu Körperkontakt nicht abgeneigt ist, kann die interaktive Musikinstallation besuchen!

Blaue Nacht Nürnberg
Sa, 27.5.2006

Näheres über die Kontaktstation 2.0 demnächst hier…


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2006-02-15, Wednesday @ 6:20
Articles in English | Arts/Kunst | Electronics | Music | Works/Werke

“Unter den Fingern des Anderen, die über den Körper gleiten, beginnen alle unsichtbaren Teile des Körpers zu existieren.”
Michel Foucault: Les Hétérotopies – der utopische Körper

[multilanguage entry] “Kontaktstation” ist eine Rauminstallation, die die Intensität von Körperkontakten und Berührungen zweier oder mehrerer Personen in harmonisierte Musik umsetzt.

Dabei verschwindet das (Kunst-)Objekt fast vollkommen; lediglich zwei Armbänder (an Ihren Kabeln von der Decke hängend) finden sich im Installationsraum, die von zwei Personen an jeweils …

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