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kIII shown at CIANT Gallery Praha
2008-11-19, Wednesday @ 2:59
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The “Talking Machines” is launching Monday, the 24th November and is opened from November 25th to December 14th at the CIANT Gallery in the centre of Praha, Czech Republic.

The exhibition “Talking Machines” is part of the RESET-Festival.

On tuesday, the 25th December, 19:00 h will be an artist talk about the and utopia of talking apparatus and transmission technologies along with a quick overview of my past machines.


There have been added new czech speeches, exclusively for this exhibition! The new speeches are based on the originals from Miroslava Němcová, Naděžda Kavalírová, Alena Páralová and Jana Bobošíková.

Additionally, more international speeches were added, for example “Queen Elisabeth II – At the State Banquet for the President of the Russian Federation” or “Words on the Eve of the Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales”, as well as speeches from Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Barack Obama (“Hello Chicago!”) and Sarah Palin.

· articles about kIII/kx/cybernetic desk on audiocommander.de
· Michael Markert interview with the Czech Television

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