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    Hi Mach,

    Have a look at processingjs.org, there are a couple of tutorials how to mix JavaScript with Processing code. Though in general, this isn’t really a good idea unless you’re fine with doing something hacky.

    In order to use maxim.js from within processing.js, you would need to extend processing.js and create a Processing/Java interface to call the underlying JavaScript functions. Take a look at processingmobile.js to see how to extend the pjs instance. Just adding a javascript file is simply not enough to expose (and use!) this functionality. I can’t really help you with that, because I don’t know maxim.js.

    Good luck!

    I wouldn’t say that UI stuff is easier in processing(js). You know that you can add html and css resources for JavaScript sketches, right? You can create buttons, sliders, textfields and anything with a couple of lines. This is far easier than anything possible with Processing. And touch compatible.



    Hallo Michael,

    I’ll have a look at the site to learn more on how processing might mix with JS.

    For maxim.js you can find some details at:
    Guesss they did some clever stuff to integrate js code into processing.js
    though I don’t understand the details. I just used it :)

    I didn’t know one can use HTML and CSS stuff in JS.
    Do you have any reference, link for me where I can find more info on creating UI stuff in JS?
    Sounds intersting.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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