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    I was doing a some tests of Procoding using paper.js, and wasn’t getting the result I was expecting. I exported the project and opened in my text editor, and what I found was that the version paper.js is outdated by several version (the version in Procoding is 0.8, but the current version is 0.9.18). I realize that keeping up with JS libraries is a chore, but there are some really nice things included with the newer versions, specifically I was trying to use the `play()` and `pause()` functions of the paper.js view object which are not available in 0.8.

    If you want to chat about how to dynamically update and test new versions as part of your build process feel free to shoot me an email.



    Hi Jonas,

    thanks for the info. I will include the current paper.js version in one of the next updates.

    For Procoding Mobile there is an easy workaround: just put the version of paper.js you want to use in the apps document folder (named “paper.js”). After you save your document, Procoding should use your custom version.

    Thanks again for the hint!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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