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    Just in case you wonder: I’m working on an update to support the new screen sizes for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 +.
    The update will be submitted and released as soon as possible, but review times are expected to be much longer than usual in the upcoming days (currently already averaging 10 days). That means an update within the next two weeks is quite unlikely.


    Here’s an update: I’m experiencing some issues that appeared after compiling the app against the iOS8 framework (e.g. due to the focus on Autolayout, the cursor might lose focus quite frequently). I need to fix these before I can submit an update.

    Just know that I’m working hard to release this one.
    Sorry for the wait…


    So, I fixed (hopefully) most of the new issues with iOS 8 and submitted an update. The current average (!) #iosreviewtime is still 11 days though, so it might take a while until it pops up: http://appreviewtimes.com

    These are the new features:
    – support for the new iPhone 6 screen sizes,
    – a new Lissajous drawing demo sketch,
    – compatibility fixes for iOS 8 (nothing to see, but minor improvements in the editor & caret, auto layout & collection view, improved keyboard handling…)
    – lots of smaller bugfixes (e.g. resourceManager)

    Please note, that I will probably move forward to a new native WKWebView that is supposed to be super awesome in terms of speed and stability, so future versions will most likely require iOS 8.
    But I guess, now that the AppStore allows downloading the latest compatible version, that’s not such a great issue anymore.

    Thanks for patient wait!



    Bad news:
    There’s a severe issue with processing.js crashing the webview on a refresh. Only iOS 8 with processing.js is affected. All other JS libraries work fine.

    So, unfortunately I had to reject the current version and have to investigate this issue further.

    Sorry for the delay, but as I see, many users are expecting processing.js to work, so I have to see if I find a workaround for this nasty issue. Will keep you updated…


    I’ve submitted an update, which does not solve the problem, but should prevent the processing.js related crashes in 50% of all cases and give at least some feedback.

    I am working on a proper fix, but that will take some time. Unfortunately the crash happens deep inside the WebKit framework – and because I really don’t want to fix the AJAX file loading mechanism of processing.js (which is the main cause for this issue), there are just a few possibilities left, all of them not really trivial.

    However, as I do not expect that the bug in UIWebView will be fixed by Apple (UIWebView is deprecated with iOS8, so I can’t imagine they will be investing any time in fixing things) and WKWebView is still not really usable, I need to change some internals in order to make it work again. I already have an idea which might result in a nice additional feature…

    Remember, so far only iOS 8 and processing.js is affected. Everything should work fine on iOS 7 and with all other JS libs.

    Will keep you updated…


    Update: Procoding 3.4.1 hotfix has just been released, though it doesn’t yet fix the bug completely (it just has additional infos about the bug).

    And Procoding 3.5 which contains a bugfix for this issue (and some iCloud syncing fixes for users that upgraded to iCloud Drive) has just been submitted. I expect this update to be reviewed (and hopefully approved) within the next one or two weeks. It’ll also come with an exciting new feature!

    Sorry for the wait, but this one has been really hard to track down.


    Update: Procoding 3.5 is still in review,

    Once this gets approved, I have another update 3.5.1 ready for submission that will fix most of the current bugs on iPads running iOS 8 (mainly the non-working second order menu sheets).

    Thanks for your patience, and sorry again that the transition to iOS 8 had been a bumpy road this year. There were really many hidden bugs introduced with iOS 8…


    Procoding Mobile 3.5.1 has just been approved and released after just 4 days review time (version 3.5 was over 16 days in review!).
    With this update, hopefully all major bugs should be squished related to iOS 8.

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