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    Procoding has been launched in January 2012. As the latest browsers and operating systems introduced a strict secure policy that resulted in basically blocking local and/or insecure access to APIs and resources, major functions of Procoding for iOS (and partially also Procoding Mac OS) are broken.
    Unfortunately, the thing needed in order to simply fix it, is a secure webserver, which to my knowledge is not available for mobile systems like iOS. And even if it were, it would need a valid signed certificate.

    I need time to fix this and think it over from a system design point of view, but I currently don’t have enough resources to do this.

    So here’s what’s happening:
    – Procoding is of now not available in the app store anymore
    – Procoding will be back if there’s a secure local https server that can run on iOS
    – I will definitely remove support for processing.js and most likely also paper.js. There will only be JavaScript from now on.

    I can’t give any timeframe, it really depends on my job situation.
    However, I’m still using Procoding myself, so at this point, I guess I will keep updating it for my own needs. Let’s see what the future will hold.

    Thank you all for the support and great feedback in the past six years.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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