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    Q Does the app support Copy & Paste?
    A YES, of course!

    Q Does the app support landscape?
    A YES, of course! All parts of the app support portrait and landscape; The sketch canvas also supports automatic resizing if a screen rotation has been detected.

    Q Can I use Dropbox to sync my sketches?
    A Yes and no: You can use Dropbox instead of the iTunes FileSharing folder to import and export documents, files and resources. Automatic document synchronization is only available via iCloud. Additionally the usual sharing options (open with other app, send with email) are possible.

    Q Will there be updates?
    A Sure.

    Q Will Processing libraries be supported?
    A No. No Processing libraries. Procoding runs in a JavaScript environment, thus no libraries written in Java will run in Procoding. I am thinking about an OSC add-on and sound. But I really don’t know if I can make them compatible to existing libraries, nor if it’s a useful thing to do, because it will break HTML/JS browser compatibility, which is a really nice thing to have. Web-compatibility is an important feature of the future roadmap of Procoding.

    Q Is P3D supported?
    A Yes: P3D builds on top of WebGL (a Browser implementation of OpenGL), and currently, WebGL is supported on Safari and on Safari Mobile running on iOS 8.

    Q I switched from/to iCloud and now all my sketches are gone!
    A They are not gone. iCloud and local documents use different document folders (it’s the same with Pages, Numbers and other apps, as this is the expected and required iCloud behavior). Go to settings and toggle iCloud again. Your sketches should be back. Sometimes this requires you to be online and it may take a while to update. You can drag the document list to manually trigger a refresh.

    Q Procoding 2.5 is slower than it used to be
    A If you’re on the latest hardware it shouldn’t be slower. If you have iCloud enabled and have more than about 25 sketches, it may take a moment to update and build the documents listing. But it’s obviously slower gathering information from the network than just reading the contents of a local directory. However, all the other functions should be as fast as they used to be.

    Q Procoding is slow on my Retina device
    A While high resolution Retina devices have a crisp and beautiful display, you have to understand that the graphics chip has to deal with four times the amount of pixels. If what you’re drawing is not hardware accelerated (e.g. WebGL or CSS animations are typically hardware accelerated, whereas drawing 2D on the canvas context isn’t), your sketch will require 4 times the amount of RAM and CPU and GPU processing power. Unfortunately, the first Retina devices like the iPad 3 (“The New iPad”) just have twice the amount of RAM which makes running these sketches slower than on the iPad 2. See for details.

    If your question is not covered here, please feel free to open up a new topic.

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