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    Jacky Lin

    Hi, I just buy Procoding for OSX from App store, and found some issues:
    1. I open a new Processing.js sketch, then save it into a Procoding package with a new project name. However, the new name dose not show on the resource file tab but only “untitled”. The new name will show on the tab until I close and reopen the package file.
    2. I try to preview my sketch with HTML5 by Safari or Chrome, but the sketch cannot be previewed, and browser show a “XMLHttpRequest failure” message.
    3. Once I preview my sketch, the “XMLHttpRequest failure” message will show on the preview window of the Procoding app and cannot review any sketch more.
    4. I add new .pde to my project, but every file is named as _newXX.pde and I cannot easily rename it on the resources window, unless I show it in Finder.
    My system is OSX 10.9.1 on MacBook Pro 13″ retina late 2013.



    Hi Jacky Lin,

    thank you for notifying me about these issues.
    These are actually two different problems:

    2. this is an issue of processingjs and how the sketch loading is handled. Due to JavaScript security restrictions related to load local files, you can only view your exported sketches if they are served from a web server. So you have to either upload them onto your web server or run a local server on your machine (e.g. by activating WebSharing and using http://localhost or using something like MAMP). This behavior does not apply for plain JS sketches.
    Because this is part of the implementation of processingjs, there is not much I can do about it; the internal preview within Procoding should work all right though.

    3. I’m not sure if I understand that (“cannot review any sketch more”). Sometimes the “XMLHttpRequest failure” message might pop up in the internal window if there were a couple of refresh actions and the webview is having a “hiccup” (mainly for bigger sketches and one or more resources). This might be solved if you actively save and reload the sketch, but usually the preview within the Procoding app should work. Have you tried building and running the processing sketch with processing-java (cmd+shift+B) and does it run without errors there?

    1. and 4. Thank you for notifying me about this, I will have a look and try to fix that asap.
    – The outdated name on the tab looks like a bug, will look into that.
    – There is a known issue with renaming resources, esp. right after you created a new resource and haven’t saved it. It is best to close and reopen the document if you created and renamed a new resource. This should not happen though if you drag and drop resources.

    I hope this helps for the moment,


    Jacky Lin

    5. When try to resize the resources window by grad the gap between cancans, but the sketch canvas is actually resized, not the resources.
    6. The main sketch tab eventually become un-clickable, and the title of tab disappear.
    7. The color of theme eventually disappear, and all codes become black.



    Hi Jacky Lin,

    5. Yes, that is the intended behavior: the resources sidebar is not floating above the canvas, it is next to the canvas, so resizing the resources sidebar also resizes the canvas.

    6. If I understand correctly, this also behaves as intended. You cannot close the main sketch tab. Although it might be another flavor of the mentioned tab refresh bug. The tabs were just introduced as a new feature in October. Usually resizing the whole window forces a tab redraw, so any glitches should disappear.

    7. That should not happen except if you maybe accidentally disabled syntax coloring (keyboard shortcut?). If not: can you reproduce this?




    just read your post again: do you mean the canvas resizes but not the resources tab when you drag the handler? That’s strange, should not happen. Can you try to press the toolbar icons to reset the sidebar sizes?

    Also: can you please test if these issues also appear with a small sketch (maybe one of the demos)?

    I’m getting the impression that maybe your sketch is so large and processing intense that there’s some sort of display issue that might indeed be related with your sketch (regarding your retina display probably consuming a lot of memory or processing power that results in insufficient drawing cycles for the User Interface).


    Jacky Lin

    For issue 5, I found the resources canvas have a minimum width. When I try to resize the resources canvas less than the minimum width, the preview canvas eventually will be resized too before the resources canvas disappeared. And this phenomenon appear once when I try to resize the reference canvas but only one occasion. However, this phenomenon dose not appear every time.
    I test the demo of and found that it not easy to immediately resize the resources and preview canvas when the sketch is running, and my MacBookPro show Procoding use much processing power. My MacBookPro has 8G RAM and 2.4GHz Core i5 CPU.


    Jacky Lin

    For issue 6, it happen again, when I open other two .pde files and edit them for time. The title of the main sketch tab eventally disappear, and I cannot switch to the main sketch file to edit until I close and reopen the .pro file.



    so, in summary this boils down to two issues:

    – one related to resource renaming
    – and the other to a refresh bug with the tabBar.


    1. new resource name not reflected by tab title (visual bug, low priority, noted to be fixed)
    4. similar to 1 (known bug for new and/or renamed documents, high priority, will be fixed asap)

    Tabs and Sidebars

    5. glitches when resizing sidebars (visual bug, low priority, use the toolbar or keyboard shortcuts (cmd 1,2,3) to hide and show sidebars)
    6. glitches with the tab bar (visual bug may be related to 1, mid priority, noted to be fixed)

    Behaves as expected / Not reproducible

    2. XMLHttpRequest failure with processing js (behaves as expected, issue of processingjs, cannot be fixed on my side, workaround is to serve from http)
    3. same as 2.
    7. syntax highlighter failing, not reproducible

    Thanks again for the feedback,


    I can’t do much about processing power, as all the processing is done by a webkit webview and greatly depends on the running sketch (and various animation techniques) and esp. in your case with a retina device on the size of the animated window (a canvas element with billions of pixels needs a lot more processing power than just a few thousand pixels. I recommend smaller canvas sizes and lower framerates. Also, you should stop inactive animated sketches).


    Jacky Lin

    Thank the responses!
    I think the processing power may not be a big problem. Procoding seems to run more smoothly on my MacBookAir mid 2012 with 2GHz i7 cpu and 8G RAM, and reduce the size of preview canvas/sidebar.
    But I recommmend to give a fixed size preview canvas when processing assign a fixed size canvas by size(W, H) function then avoid too much pixels problems in retina screen of MacBookPro or iPad.
    Best Regards.



    Hi Jacky Lin,

    I will add an option to disable retina rendering, just like it’s already in the mobile version on iOS.
    Until then, you can always add this line to disable retina display:

    procoding.prefs.ignoreRetina = true;

    (though you might additionally need to manually resize the window/canvas after setting this property)


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