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    As I am about to drop support for iOS 5, and working on an update for iOS 7, I wonder if it would be a severe problem for anyone if I ditched support for iOS 6 as well.

    iOS 7 has a couple of new features that are really interesting for Procoding:
    – a new JavaScript bridge that makes communication between the WebView and the native code easier
    – TextKit has some massive advantages for the new native editor, so everything would be faster with iOS 7
    – Design: the new iOS7 has a couple of incredible cool design classes. I would totally redesign the app and esp the document viewer. But this would only be possible if I omit iOS 6 support.

    Please tell me what you think about it (and remember, that iPad 1 support would be dropped anyways, as I just won’t support iOS 5 anymore)

    survey solutions

    Here are a couple of other arguments:
    – Support for iOS 5 will be dropped anyways, as we need AutoLayout and the improved text engine of iOS 6. That means the iPad 1 isn’t supported anymore anyways. However, the iPad 1 is really slow and iOS 5 is quite unusable with iCloud enabled.
    – In contrast to previous system updates there aren’t many devices affected. Only iPod Touch 4 and the iPhone 3GS (which is about the same age as the iPad 1)
    – It is to be expected that ~ 60% of all future app releases and updates will require iOS7: http://www.macworld.co.uk/ipad-iphone/news/?newsid=3462286
    – Statistics say that already 40% of all iOS users updated to iOS7 (within the last 48 hours that is!)
    – iOS 7 is so dramatically different from all versions before, that it requires substantial effort to maintain compatibility for both versions.

    Thanks for your vote!



    While I am working on the update, seeing the results of the poll and looking at my code, it’s becoming crystal clear, that I’m going to release the Procoding 3 update for iOS 7+

    And I’m nearly there: \(^_^)/ yay!
    I would like to start beta testing soon. Just need to fix some bugs.

    Here’s a little teaser:
    – New native Editor (yay!, 100% new, zoomable, gorgeous themes and a good foundation for future editor features)
    – New and fresh iOS7 UI design, new zoomable document grid overview (not only nicer but also faster), new icons
    – Improved iCloud support (smaller files, faster saves, improved status display… I’m so glad I don’t have to support iOS 5 anymore!)
    – And a lot of other stuff…

    I really hope you guys like it;
    I can’t wait to get it out…



    Procoding 3 has been submitted and will be released shortly

    Edit: Procoding 3 has been released and is available as a regular update.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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