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    I”m very happy to find an other app to programm on the run…
    I have been using Basic! and only heard about processing
    with the arduino…. ( –> rookie )

    Looks very nice and the samples and the execution speed
    is just great…

    Will there be further development in order to use the other
    sensors on the devices ( gps, mic., light,..) and to play a beep
    or a sound file…..?

    While my first tests following happened:
    When trying to rename a sketch the key-pad will not show up.
    ( closing the app while the “rename” window is open and reentering
    causes then! that the key pad shows up)
    Is this normal on: iPhone 4 / iOs 5.1 or is there an other way to
    rename the sketches ( files )?



    Hi Operator,

    thanks for the feedback. Sure, the app will be developed further :-)

    The behavior you are describing for the renaming is not normal. And I can’t seem to reproduce it. (See Edit below). How do you rename (there are various possibilities: in the document view while in edit-mode or in the title bar of the canvas? On the iPad there are two more possibilities…

    Then there are a couple of possibilities I might not have foreseen (and the beta testers might have missed then as well). Things that may cause unexpected behavior: is the keyboard already open when you try to rename? Is the device in landscape or portrait? And have you maybe pressed “OK” but not tapped on the “Rename” button (this may happen from time to time on the iPad)? Did you actually select the text input?

    Edit: I just checked again and I could reproduce what you’re describing if you’re renaming from the titlebar. This is a bug in the current version and will be fixed with the next update.
    Until then, you can tap “Edit” in the TableView and then tap on the name of the sketch to rename. It’ll work there.

    Thanks for reporting this!




    Thanks for your feedback and for the other possibility
    described to rename [ Edit ]: it worked : )

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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