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    There is one thing that could really make the coding experience more fluid is when you long touch some line in the code that you want to edit to make the keyboard appear, it would be really better if the place that we chose to edit (where the cursor is) was in the window automatically instead of having to scroll down to find again where the cursor is… Can you do something?



    Hi CaroKaZed,

    thanks for the feedback –

    There are two answers and an explanation to your question:

    1. in the short term:
    There’s an update in the row (already waiting for review for 7 days now), that will improve the cursor selection issue. It’s more of an issue on the iPhone than on the iPad though…

    2. in the long term:
    I am already working on a native editor, but I cannot say when I will succeed in this, as it’s a really complicated thing to do. Unfortunately, there are no formatted strings on iOS, that is, there is no native textField, where you can set custom fonts or colors for certain text ranges. As we need a Syntax Colored TextField, this is a big draw back. Due to the fact that you can’t just hack into UITextView (because then the app wouldn’t be approved in the App Store anymore), the only way to get a custom TextView is to implement everything from scratch. Including very low-level stuff like text selection and copy/paste etc… Extremely complicated. I have a working proof of concept but it’s very slow so far, so it’s by far not ready to roll.
    The only second way to get a syntax colored editor to work is by using HTML, which I am doing right now. But this path is filled with obstacles as well (as you can see on various other editors on the appStore, some of them have no way of select text, others don’t work with copy/paste etc…). I think I got the editor quite well, but still far from perfect. One of the many annoying little issues is the behavior of the webView to scroll all the way to the top when you enter editing mode (a contenteditable textbox). As I cannot suppress this behavior (again: hacking into classes is an option not available), I have to store the current position and focus again after the keyboard popped up. Now this works sometimes well, other times it’s slightly off. I improved the algorithm in the upcoming version, which will hopefully be approved soon.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks for the detailed reply!
    It is really not such a BIG deal…
    I is actually so GREAT to be able to code processing sketches on the idevices that I WILL happyly scroll :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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