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    Nathan Flurry

    I’ve owned Procoding pretty much since released (when it was called pr0c0d1ng or something along those lines, glad you changed it). I ran across the forums a long time ago, but it’s caught my attention again recently. I code in Codea, Pythonista, Unity, and SpriteKit. Anyways, I’ve got a few suggestions for an almost perfect app:
    1. WebGL support – I have no idea if Apple will allow this (or if you have it), but enabling WebGL for the preview WebView would be great. I know they reject web browsers with this capability, but ludei/CocoonJS apps are allowed. It’s just a flip of a boolean value.
    2. Put a link to the forums on the start screen – What makes a coding app for me is the forums. That’s part of the reason Codea is my favorite iOS coding app.
    3. Use Vanilla Forums – To be blunt, this forum type is pretty dull. My personal favorite forum type is Vanilla forums. It’s the most inviting to users of them all.
    4. Folders for projects – I’ve got a ton of small sketches that I’d love to group together.
    5. Remote device previewing – One thing I love about Contruct 2 (visual, 2D coding program for Windows) is that you can click a button and instantly deploy it to as many devices you want with a local network server. I think this would be super useful, but it’s probably more complicated than you want.
    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head right now. I’ll post more as it comes to mind. It’s really a great app. Thanks!
    P.S. Can’t wait to purchase the Mac version. Sadly, I’m broke due to developer funds. :(



    Hi Nathan,

    thanks for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated!

    1. WebGL: I know, I have this flip and it’s enabled in my developer previews, but it’ll be rejected if I enable this setting. I once forgot about it and it got rejected immediately. But it’s not only this preference setting and Apple annoying people, it happens to be disabled for a good reason: the webkit implementation is still really buggy. E.g. it stops working at all from time to time, so I understand why Apple hasn’t made it open yet.

    2. and 3. I agree, though (living in the EU and esp. Germany where we have some really silly internet laws), hosting a forum would require that I’m moderating any message for copyright violations in advance additionally to checking for automated spam. This is just so much work that I’d rather spend on programming. I’m just a one-man show and if you look at the frequency of posts here (and my few Facebook likes), you know that the user base for a larger forum just isn’t there. Once there is a larger audience, I will think of something appropriate, but for the time being (one to five posts a month), I think it’s okay…

    4. Folders are actually supported by iCloud, but not reflected in Procoding’s interface. I have this on my todo list, but it’s currently not top priority, as you can filter the sketches (also for folder names, btw). …with Procoding for OS X, you can group your sketches into folders.

    5. Though I see a partial duplication of iCloud functionality, I think it’s a nice feedback and I’ll put it on my list of things that would be nice to have. Thanks for the suggestion.

    And because it’s still christmas and I’ve given away a free iOS version of Procoding recently, I’m going to send you a Procoding for OSX promo code for your kind feedback and appreciation of being on board for the past couple of years. I’ll send it via E-Mail. Have fun!

    Happy holidays,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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