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    Andy Buchanan

    Not a showstopper by any means since I’ve been making changes to the exported files anyway, but I just noticed that the HTML export img resources specify a src attribute which is the full path to the original local image file, not a relative path to the exported image resources.

    e.g. From /Users/andybuchanan/Documents/Code/Javascript/Sketches/VB/CanvasVectorBalls/Exports/vb/index.html:
    var wonkystar128x128 = document.createElement(‘img’);
    wonkystar128x128.id = ‘wonkystar128x128’;
    wonkystar128x128.src = ‘file://localhost/Users/andybuchanan/Documents/Code/Javascript/Sketches/VB/CanvasVectorBalls/vb.pro/resources/wonkystar128x128.png’;



    Andy Buchanan

    Forgot to say this is the OS X version. I don’t know what the iOS version does.



    Hi Andy,

    thanks a lot, what an unfortunate bug… it’s the same on iOS.
    Strangely enough it’s been only images, sound files and other resources were included correctly as relative path.

    It’s fixed and both apps will be updated shortly…

    Thanks again for reporting,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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