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    John Cartan

    Are you planning on updating Pr0c0d1n6 to incorporate the latest 1.4 release of Processing.js?

    As it stands I can export my PDE file and test it on my Mac with 1.4. Doing so partly solves a problem I’m having with some arcs (one of the bugs fixed in 1.4). But I can’t see this fix when I’m working on the iPad in Pr0c0d1n6 – which I prefer to do!

    Thanks – I love Pr0c0d1n6 ! Keep up the good work!



    Hi John,

    yes, I plan to update. But the 1.4 version will not make it into the upcoming maintenance update which ensures support for iOS 6, because this version is already in the testing and scheduled for release. Due to the necessary changes I had to make with processingjs in order to run smoothly on iOS, it will always take a while to adapt to newer versions.

    There will either be another maintenance update with one of the latest processingjs versions or it’ll be integrated in the next bigger upcoming update.

    Sorry for not giving you any timeframe; all I can say is that I will be on holidays in September, so I would not count with the new pjs version within the next two months.

    But maybe there is any short-term workaround (until PR0C0D1N6 is updated) in your specific case?
    You know, that in JavaScript, you can always override methods. So if you need something very particular and you know what it is and the function that is causing problems, you can go and override this specific method.

    So, just for example (pls be careful with this and don’t try it on a sketch with many console logs), you could swizzle the println with an alert statement:

    // Overriding processingjs methods
    println("Original Method for println: " + println);
    println = function(param) {
    //println("Swizzled Method for println: " + println);
    println("Hello World");

    Hope this helps!


    John Cartan

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the response. Overriding arc to fix my problem could be difficult, but I might try it if I get sufficiently desperate.

    Have upgraded to your latest release and so far it works fine. Thanks!

    One issue re using latest Processing.js releases. The code I wrote a week ago works fine on the Mac (in Safari and as a widget) with processing-1.4.1.js. But when I try it with today’s code I get a blank white screen. This code runs perfectly in Pr0cess1n6, and it still runs on the Mac using processing-1.3.6.js. but will not work with 1.4.0 or 1.4.1. So somewhere in my 600+ lines of code is something that 1.4.1 doesn’t like. I poked around a bit but have not yet been able to isolate the problem. I’m guessing this might be the kind of thing you referred to when you said it always takes awhile to adapt to new versions.

    Have a great vacation. I’ll keep an eye out for your next update.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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